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Nightmare Cavern

By Fr. Thomas Kulp

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Nightmare Cavern is an adventure story with supernatural elements, subdued humor, and a pronounced moral/religious dimension. It begins with the protagonists, Luke and Jessica Whittaker, en route from a Midwestern city to their new home in rural Pennsylvania. Luke is the rather ordinary but unusually protective big brother, while Jessica is emotionally unstable, but possesses certain paranormal powers. The father is an eccentric anthropology professor who collects mummies in his spare time; the mother is a colorful character with serious mental health issues.

Soon after they arrive at the Gothic mansion that is their new home, Jessica has a nightmare that compels her to explore the basement. Luke reluctantly agrees to accompany her, and together they discover the entrance to an ancient cavern wherein they discover the remnants of an Antediluvian civilization. Their explorations lead them progressively into a shadowy world of diabolical conspiracy and cosmic conflict between two opposing secret societies. Jessica eventually discovers her extraordinary potentials and aligns herself with the forces of good. Along the way, the siblings undergo hair-raising adventures and encounters with some very unusual characters. An underlying theme is Jessica's search for her lost twin, in whom she firmly believes despite her parents' denials.