For inquiries or to commission a hand-painted icon, please contact Brendan via email at


        Icons of any single subject, group, or feast day are available in almost any size, in both Russian and Greek/Byzantine style. All icons are painted in traditional egg tempera on  gessoed boards, and have 23K gold leaf halos. 

A standard one figure icon will usually be completed and ready to ship within 3-6 months of purchase date.

Prices for common size, single subject icons including shipping are as follows (all US$):

5"x6"                 $200

 7"x9"                 $300

9.5"x12.5"         $450

  11"x14"             $600

   13"x17"             $700

   18"x24"             $900

     24"x36"             $1100

Prices may vary based on selection.    

We also have a number of Icons painted by Brendan for sale, and ready to ship.

Icons for sale now